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Please fill out the form in its entirety. Any incomplete fields shall deem the form null. If you have questions, please call for assistance.


Based on the location of your current residence and the timing of the submittal for your Reservation Agreement, you can secure a priority reservation. These priority reservations require a fully-refundable $5,000.00 reservation deposit. 

Reservation deposits must be received within 48 hours of submitting your reservation agreement in order for you to retain the priority position of your reservation agreement. Receipt of your agreement and deposit secures your place in line to choose a home. 


After submitting your reservation agreement, you will then make a payment to officially secure your actual reservation/place in line for a unit at Belden Place.

Payments can be made/deposited at any local Alpine Bank location. Alternatives: You can pay by wire transfer to Alpine Bank, or, you can overnight a payment to the appropriate Alpine Bank location. 

Important Things to Know:

Some of the units have UNIT DETAILS. What does this mean?

Unit Detail A:

200% AMI Initial Sales Price Limitation

Four (4) Units are required to have initial sales prices no greater than what someone at 200% AMI can afford. 


The residences with a 200% AMI restriction have already been calculated and this is reflected in the offering prices. 

Once the unit has been purchased, the restiction is no longer applied and the residence is treated like any home on the free market. 

Unit Detail B:

Resident Occupied Units

Resident Occupied Units or RO units are required to be occupied by a full-time resident. It may be the owner or a tenant, but they must live there fulltime or at least 9-months of the year to qualify, in addition in meeting buyer qualifications.

This restriction affects 50% of the residences and runs with the properties in perpetuity. This means it cannot be removed. The purpose of this restriction is to prevent the residence to be used as a "second home" or a short-term rental.


This restriction does not affect market pricing; however, it is limited to qualified buyers.

Priority Sales Buyout Fee

Buying and Selling of properties: 

Within the first 30 days of units being offered for sale, sales are limited to Minturn Residents who are qualified buyers. After 30 days and up to 60 days of a unit being placed on the market sales are limited to Minturn and Eagle County qualified buyers.

If non-Eagle County Residents desire to purchase within the first 30 days they must pay a buyout fee equal to a 4% of the final purchase price to the Town of Minturn at closing.


If Eagle County buyers desire to purchase within the first 30 days they must pay a buyout fee equal to a 3% of the final purchase price to the Town of Minturn at closing. 

If non-Eagle County Residents desire to purchase within the second 30 day period they must pay a buyout fee equal to a 3% of the final purchase price to the Town of Minturn at closing.

After 60 days sales are open to any buyer, for any residence that is not limited to qualified buyers.

200% AMI
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